Here’s what people have shared about their experience

Discomfort Walking and Doing Daily Chores
“I was inspired to see Dr. Janssen as I was having discomfort walking and doing daily chores.  I was scheduled to meet with a back surgeon in 2 weeks from my initial appointment and thought, why not try chiropractor prior to surgery.  I was hesitant as I had never been to a chiropractor before and I thought they would “crack” my back.  Not only did the adjustments give me relief, they helped improve seasonal and food allergies, no more asthma problems or sinus as well as back issues. Dr. Tony is truly there to walk with you on this journey and he has been a true blessing for our whole family!  Tonya P
“For 10 years prior to seeing Dr. Tony for the first time I was experiencing chronic jaw and neck pain as well as IBS. I saw countless doctors and chiropractors with no help or relief. Dr. Tony’s approach and technique with emphasis on the cause of my pain, empowering my body to fully integrate and learn from past experiences has resulted in massive relief. My 7 year old had a nightly bed wetting problem and after just a few visits to Evolve he has gotten past this hurdle. My 3 year had suffered from skin irritations (eczema) that has also subsided. The whole family loves the positive energy in the office and overwhelming passion Dr. Tony shares. Our lives have changed for the positive with greater clarity and overall improved quality of life!”
Immense Pain
“I had been seeing various Chiropractors off and on for the past several years, to help with Ankylosing Spondylitis.  Having seen Doctor Tony for several months now, I have noticed several improvements. My posture is much improved with my shoulders now properly aligned. I also have much improved range of motion, and little to no pain, in my neck. His adjustments are not like normal chiropractic adjustments with lots of force and cracking. They are the complete opposite. Doctor Tony’s adjustments relieve tension within the body allowing the nervous system to better communicate, enabling the body to properly align itself. This will seem foreign to the first time patient. Those who have studied martial arts for many years and understand internal energy principles, will feel right at home. Thanks to Doctor Tony I have significantly reduced pain, increased range of motion, and better overall quality of life. I would not hesitate to recommend Doctor Tony to others. His adjustments have worked far better than other Chiropractors I have seen. ” – Michael K.